ValueCheck App (EN)

Explanation of how ValueCheck APP works and how to use it.

Login / Registration

In order to use the ValueCheck App, you must already have an active account with Carauktion AG. Talk to your administrator about this.

Login Application Form

When you access the app for the first time, you will be taken directly to the login application form. Please enter your personal username and password.

When opening the app for the first time, the denominations will appear in English. After the login the desired language will be displayed.

Forgotten Password

Should you have forgotten the password to your account you may simply reset it by clicking on the link « Password forgotten » after that, enter your username in the designated field.

You will then receive an E-Mail from the E-Mail address, which contains a link to a new form, by which you can reassign a new password. After having completed this step you may login to the app with your new credentials.


After having successfully logged in, you will be taken directly to the so-called "Dashboard". The dashboard is the central overview of all vehicles registered.

The main user sees all vehicles of the entire account. The sub-users only have access to vehicles they have registered.

Search and Filter Features

In the header area of this view there is a search field and a selection field for filtering the listed vehicles.

In the search field, you can search for the vehicle description as well as for the VIN, model or register.

The selection field allows you to filter the vehicles according to the processing status. The selection options in the overview:

The colored checkmarks that are displayed for each entry also represent the processing status of the vehicle.


Vehicle Details Page

Click on an entry in the vehicle list to go to the so-called vehicle detail page. This gives you further details on the respective vehicle and allows you to enter the individual subitems to make additions and changes.

  • Residual Value

  • Vehicle Condition

  • Vehicle Purchase

  • Transfers


All settings for the app can be made here. There are settings that apply to the entire account as well as settings that apply only to a single user.

Only users with the "Main-User" credentials can make changes to the settings that are valid for the entire account. Sub-users can only make changes to the settings that affect their personal access.


Determining the Residual Value

To determine a new residual value, simply click on the colored "Plus" button at the bottom of the app.

You will then have the option of finding the vehicle in question by scanning the vehicle registration or by manual search.

Scanning of the Vehicle Registration

With this search method, you can either take a picture with your smartphone of the vehicle registration or select a vehicle registration from your photo memory.

The photo of the vehicle registration is uploaded to our server and the corresponding values are automatically read out. Once the mileage has been completed, the vehicle is searched for in our database using the recognized values.

There are three different ways to search for a vehicle manually.

Registration Number

Enter the vehicle's registration number in the corresponding field and click on the "Next" button. A list of vehicles will then be displayed. Select the appropriate vehicle.

Certificate Number

Enter the Certificate Number, month and year of the first registration in the corresponding fields. A list of vehicles will then be displayed. Select the appropriate vehicle.

Manufacturer/ Model

First select the manufacturer and then the model. The form will help you to narrow down the search results so that you can select the desired vehicle.

Additional Information

After selecting the desired vehicle, you will be taken to the form for the additional information we need to determine a residual value. Please indicate the mileage of the vehicle and the value of the equipment. The default value proposed here is 10% of the new price. This can be overwritten if necessary.


B2B Residual Value

In this view you can see the determined B2B residual value of the vehicle and a suggested purchase price. You can switch between the customer view and the dealer view.

The dealer view shows a detailed view of the calculation. In addition to the basic residual value of CARAUKTION, the auto-i residual value is displayed. By clicking on the respective value, you decide which one you want to use for the calculation.

If entries of a vehicles condition are saved, then these are being taken into account for the calculation. A proposed purchase price is then determined using the standard exchange margin defined in the settings.

In the customer view, the entire calculation is hidden and only the proposed purchase price is displayed. Despite our efforts to generate the best possible data quality, we ask you to consider the following points:

The actual equipment of a vehicle may differ from the calculated equipment in a VIN query. Since the CARAUKTION is subject to the usual market fluctuations, the residual value cannot be guaranteed.

Vehicle Condition

In this area, you have the option of entering all reductions as well as increases in the value of the vehicle. These entries can also be assigned to several screens if required.

In addition, "marketing photos" can be entered, which can then be transferred to CARAUKTION.

Quick Rating

The quick rating enables you to enter value reductions as well as increases quickly. For both options, you can choose one of four different ones.

Select the valuation options. In the settings, a corresponding value is stored for each option, which can be adjusted by the main users. After the short valuation, a flat-rate entry is made for the value reduction and for the value increase.

Value Depreciation and Increase

In order to record the condition of a vehicle in detail, different entries can be made for each vehicle. To do this, click on the "plus button" and then select in the form whether it is a depreciation or an increase in value.

You can enter a value and a description. Photos can also be attached. Click the "Save" button to add the entry to the list.

Marketing Pictures

Marketing photos are photos that are used for the resale. The "Plus" button in this section allows you to take new photos or add photos from your photo storage. The "Main Image" element allows you to specify which of the images should appear first.


Vehicle Purchase

If the recorded vehicle is purchased, you can use this view to determine and save the actual purchase price.

You can either use the "Plus" and "Minus" buttons to adjust the trade-in margin or enter the purchase price directly.

Sub-users have the option of obtaining approval for the purchase. They do not click on the "Buy vehicle" button, but on "Request purchase". A notification is then being sent to the main users account, who can then agree to the purchase or adjust the corresponding values.

With a click on "Release vehicle Purchase", the sub-user who made the request receives a notification about the processing of his request. He can then complete the possible purchase by clicking on "Buy Vehicle".



In this area the vehicle can be transferred to CARAUKTION. Simply click on the desired platform in the overview and enter the desired sales price.

Click on "Transfer vehicle" to transfer all the vehicle data to CARAUKTION.


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